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FloraDeli is a flower boutique started joyfully in Kolkata, the City of Joy by us, a mother-and-daughter duo. We bring to you flowers for every occasion and customize the arrangement in keeping with your interests and likes. We design bouquets pertaining to your personality; ranging from beer lovers and foodies to shutterbugs and chefs,our designs are varied. We design not only for weddings, but also for baby showers and birthdays, festivals,cocktail parties and even Environment days! With us, you can add colour, fragrance and vibrancy to your life. Feel free to reach us at: Ishita Shah: +919903547822 Sangita Shah: +91 9831685377 Come, let's be flower-ful!

Thursday, 15 November 2012


The pre-Diwali rush had gotten on to all of us at FloraDeli. With clients, both old and new, calling in to order customized mementos and token gifts, we were all pressing for time. We decorated for one Poker Party and with our beer mug arrangements blending perfectly with their theme, the hosts appreciated our work. We sent out baskets of goodies ordered by people for their near and dear ones and of course, the regular bouquets and table arrangements were dished out with joy!

Amidst all this mess, I personally realized how much of an effort it is to run a business of this kind! One phone call and your day's schedule could be turned upside down. You commit a certain price to your client and almost immediately when you turn to your supplier, he has upraised his prices because its peak season. You try to suit each one's needs and innovation is a strong pre-requisite. It was tough.
Never before had I worked during the festive season and a few days before Diwali all I was longing for, was an afternoon nap!

Moral: Business, whatever kind it may be, does take a toll on your time, mood, health and routine. The trick of the trade is to balance it out while you juggle between the many shades of You!

--Ishita Shah

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