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FloraDeli is a flower boutique started joyfully in Kolkata, the City of Joy by us, a mother-and-daughter duo. We bring to you flowers for every occasion and customize the arrangement in keeping with your interests and likes. We design bouquets pertaining to your personality; ranging from beer lovers and foodies to shutterbugs and chefs,our designs are varied. We design not only for weddings, but also for baby showers and birthdays, festivals,cocktail parties and even Environment days! With us, you can add colour, fragrance and vibrancy to your life. Feel free to reach us at: Ishita Shah: +919903547822 Sangita Shah: +91 9831685377 Come, let's be flower-ful!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Diaper Bouquet

This afternoon, one of our first few customers called to say his 3 month old nephew was coming home to Kolkata from elsewhere. His 'chachu' was very excited and wanted to send something to welcome the little baby home.
FloraDeli designed a Diaper Bouquet. Maybe the flowers will not live until the boy gains a better understanding of te world. But we wanted to make a mark on his parents' hearts so that this memory would stand out in their minds. And we did! The results are as below:

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