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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Studious Couple

A week ago a friend of mine and a customer of FloraDeli called me and said his sister and her husband were both appearing for their CFA Exam on 3rd June and he wanted to send them flowers to wish them luck. He wanted a fairly elaborate arrangement, expecting something personalized and not a standard basket arrangement with an "All the Best!" card.
What ensued thereafter was a wonderful experience and that is what made way for this post.

I wanted to share my experience.

As I set out to hunt for a showpiece that depicted a couple studying intently, I knew I was asking for too much but I secretly hoped that I'd find something, however big or small. In my search, I ransacked the major Archies and Hallmark stores and even the lesser known gift shops in bylanes. Wherever I went people showed me showpieces of couples on a cycle, on a bench on a tree, in an endearing embrace; but books! Alas! Even their shadows didn't fall on any showpiece. One shopkeeper smiled wide, when I told him what I was looking for. His smile raised my hopes but no, he said, "Aj kal yeh log padhta kahan hai? Khali cycle me ghumega, pyar karega..." Embarassed, I walked away. Another salesperson said, "Rakhi ka time hone se fir bhi shayad mil jata, bhai behen ko padhte padhate dikha sakta hai. Par couple to......" Again, I had to walk away, with nothing in hand. Finally I reached a store in South  Calcutta that sold glassware and showpieces. And there I found little babies over a book, in varying poses. And just then I knew, this is it!
When I saw them I thought they were Japanese but when I brought them home, my mother said they looked like Buddhist monks. Whether Buddhist or Japanese, they were going to give company to my flowers!

Little studious babies
Good Luck Flowers

Little Scholars!

Kudos to the couple whose love story is brewing in the times they spent together with their books, even after their marriage! After all it isn't always about using books as an excuse to meet your love!

Tell us what you think of these!

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  1. You transformed the Buddhist monks into cute, little scholars!
    Nice work ;)