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FloraDeli is a flower boutique started joyfully in Kolkata, the City of Joy by us, a mother-and-daughter duo. We bring to you flowers for every occasion and customize the arrangement in keeping with your interests and likes. We design bouquets pertaining to your personality; ranging from beer lovers and foodies to shutterbugs and chefs,our designs are varied. We design not only for weddings, but also for baby showers and birthdays, festivals,cocktail parties and even Environment days! With us, you can add colour, fragrance and vibrancy to your life. Feel free to reach us at: Ishita Shah: +919903547822 Sangita Shah: +91 9831685377 Come, let's be flower-ful!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

FloraDeli launches exotic bouquets.

They wish you a colourful birthday. They stand tall to lift your spirits when your life is riding through sand hills. They make homes out of houses. They take your message to a loved one. They make your day. THEY are flowers: vibrant creations of God that make you smile. Flowers from FloraDeli make you smile brighter! FloraDeli is a flower boutique started joyfully by us, a mother-and-daughter duo to add a flowery, magical dimension to your life. Together, we offer the perfect balance of ideas between the old and new- from vintage to coming-of-age. We incorporate a part of you into your bouquet and that is what helps us define the phrase ‘out-of-the-box’ in the flower industry. At FloraDeli, the flowers speak a different language altogether. We arrange them to reflect your likes and tastes, your interests and preferences; at the same time suiting the occasion and your pocket. It is almost as if, a part of you goes into it! We personalize your arrangements, (not always with photographs) and that is why our flowers have a ‘personality’ of their own. Yes, we think of these bright, little things as individual personalities that can convey a lot, silently. We have special ways of greeting chefs, patriots, teachers, designers, photographers, environmentalists and even babies. If your loved ones love chocolates, ice-creams, candies, alcohol, poker, coffee or even fruits; we know exactly how to please them. After all, gifting flowers is not just about picking up a pre-arranged piece off the shelf. We take orders for all occasions(no exceptions!) and assure you to make each order a wonderful experience for you because before suggesting arrangements, we make a’ profile’ of  the person whose life must be made flower-full! "The Paradise of Flowers" - FloraDeli    

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